Friday, 5 November 2010


It all started with a sweater.

A cardigan, rosemary green, to be exact. I don't believe I have owned more than 3 pieces of clothing that color in the entirety of my life, none of which I am proud of:

1. an olive green shirt with a dragon embroidered on it
2. a pair of boogie green corduroy pants (both of which were worn in fifth grade, sometimes worn together I'm afraid.)
3. a hunter green t-shirt with a rain forest scene printed on the front

But, there it was, glowing in its green luster, sitting on a shelf just begging for purchase.

There was something exciting about the idea of me, in a color strange to my wardrobe. There was no question, I had to buy it. Just $20 and it was mine. As I drove home that night, my thoughts were racing. I imagined all of the outfits that could benefit from such a piece.

I have been wearing a t-shirt and jeans (and hoodie if it were cold) everyday since high school. Everyday since the middle of Kindergarten if I were really to be honest.

It might sound silly but this sweater represents a new beginning to me. The beginning of me becoming the person I want to become. The new me.

The new me will be something like the old me, only...better.

I have been inspired to try new things, like a crazy rosemary green sweater. I will chronicle my endeavors here. Wish me luck!

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  1. My beautiful, sweet, adorable, little girl, Charlotte! I love the "old" you! I love the momma you are to my beautiful (just like her mother) granddaughter! I love how you are such an amazing wife and homemaker! I have loved watching you through the years and you have grown and matured! You are already perfectly amazing and awesome to me! You are the daughter every mother dreams of having! I'm sure I'll love the "new" you too! Love you so much, Momma