Sunday, 17 December 2017

Begin Again

I wore a green sweater today. It is pretty ordinary, but it made me remember something. This BLOG, I started it 7 years ago. As one might imagine, a LOT has changed. We added 2 more beautiful daughters bringing our count to 3 girls, which makes us a family of 5! I became a Registered Nurse, and we moved cities, twice. Not to be overlooked...I turned 30!

I wanted to start fresh again and continue chronicling my life here. I removed the older posts but left the initial one because I feel it is still true to my mission with documenting my(our) life. I hope this blog will bring simple inspirations, commiseration during life's little woes, but most of all JOY!

Friday, 5 November 2010


It all started with a sweater.

A cardigan, rosemary green, to be exact. I don't believe I have owned more than 3 pieces of clothing that color in the entirety of my life, none of which I am proud of:

1. an olive green shirt with a dragon embroidered on it
2. a pair of boogie green corduroy pants (both of which were worn in fifth grade, sometimes worn together I'm afraid.)
3. a hunter green t-shirt with a rain forest scene printed on the front

But, there it was, glowing in its green luster, sitting on a shelf just begging for purchase.

There was something exciting about the idea of me, in a color strange to my wardrobe. There was no question, I had to buy it. Just $20 and it was mine. As I drove home that night, my thoughts were racing. I imagined all of the outfits that could benefit from such a piece.

I have been wearing a t-shirt and jeans (and hoodie if it were cold) everyday since high school. Everyday since the middle of Kindergarten if I were really to be honest.

It might sound silly but this sweater represents a new beginning to me. The beginning of me becoming the person I want to become. The new me.

The new me will be something like the old me, only...better.

I have been inspired to try new things, like a crazy rosemary green sweater. I will chronicle my endeavors here. Wish me luck!